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To manage access securely, and avoid you having too many different passwords to remember, the Members Area is closely linked to our online edition of the Lord Peter Wimsey Companion.

So, to login to the Members Area, you must first have an LPWC account. The instructions for signing up are here
Please remember to indicate, when signing up, that you are a member of the Society! We will then ensure that you get access to both the LPWC itself and this Members Area.

If you already have an LPWC account, but your username doesn’t let you enter the Members Area, please write to the Membership Secretary with a note of your username, and we will authorise it for access to the Members Area.

You can then return to this page and login.

Please note:

  • A working email address is a pre-requisite for signing up for any of our online resources. Some email providers have aggressive anti-spam policies which may divert our emails to your “junk” folder, or delete them altogether before you see them. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you will receive the confirmation messages from us, by configuring your spam filter appropriately, or by using an email account which does not have such policies. Please note that you will not be able to proceed, or access any resources, until you have successfully confirmed your email address.

  • When signing up for a new LPWC account, after you have confirmed your email address by clicking on the link, there is a manual step for us to confirm that you are a member of the Society. This stage may take a few days, but please be patient and do not click the link more than once, as it will not speed up the process, and may actually confuse matters and delay your access.

  • The welcome email you get from the LPWC will only give you a temporary password. A temporary password can be used to login here (provided you have told us you are a member), but it will expire after 7 days. Therefore you should still login to the LPWC as soon as you can, in order to set a more memorable password (which will then not expire).

  • Remember that your password (both the temporary password you are initially sent, and also any password you set yourself) is case sensitive, so take care − you may find it best to copy and paste the initial password from the welcome email. Your username is also generally case-sensitive, although the first letter may be entered in either upper or lower case.

If you ever forget your password, or need to change it, you need to go to the LPWC site to do so. If you click the “E-mail new password” button, the password you are sent is only a temporary one, although it will work immediately. You should login to the LPWC in order to set a more memorable password.

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