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Winter Lunch, London

9th February, 2019

We will be having a Winter Lunch in London at the Market Tavern in Shepherd Market, for members and guests on Saturday, 9th February, 2019. This will be followed by an optional visit to a nearby exhibition and talk.  The exhibition - closing on 10th February - will feature the work of Beresford Egan, artist, actor, writer and bon viveur, who was well-known in London in the late 1920s, 30s and beyond.  He designed the dust jacket for Murder in the Square, by Johnston Smith, a novel reviewed by DLS.

 The exhibition is being held by Sim Fine Art,  who are also responsible for an annual show ‘Holding the Line’ featuring art of the war (WWII) years. The exhibition will be at 54 The Gallery, Mayfair. Andrew Sim has kindly offered to speak to us about the Beresford Egan exhibition and “Holding the Line” which will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year.

Further details to follow in the members’ Bulletin.

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Winter Lunch

See Members’ Bulletin in January for further details.