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The Society has published a collection of works by Dorothy L. Sayers:

God, Hitler and Lord Peter Wimsey: Selected Essays, Speeches and Articles by Dorothy L Sayers, edited, with Preface and Commentary by Professor Suzanne Bray.

The book can be purchased here


This collection includes ‘The Wimsey Papers’: letters between LPW, Harriet and others that were published in The Spectator during WWII.

About our publications

As well as holding extensive archives of previously published material, the Society also produces a number of publications itself.

The Society’s publications include:

  •           An annual publication of the Proceedings of our Annual Convention;

  •       Sidelights on Sayers, a collection of papers on DLS, her work, her contemporaries and her life, written by and for members

  • ·         Occasional papers, such as the collection of talks given at a study day in Cambridge, devoted to Charles Williams and DLS;

  • ·         One-off publications:

  •   Taking Detective Stories Seriously, a collection of reviews written by DLS for The Sunday Times, edited by Martin Edwards;

  • Love All, a play written by DLS

Please keep an eye on the News section of our website for further information on new publications and releases.

 For archive copies of Proceedings or Sidelights, listings of their contents or anything related to our Occasional Papers, please contact the society. Prices of earlier copies of these items will vary.

 Earlier Publications

Below are a number of earlier publications, some of which are still available from the Society and others that are currently out of print but may be available from online booksellers. Click on a book cover to order or for further details. All prices exclude postage and packing which will be added to your order. The members' price is shown in brackets. Please note that the cover images below are illustrative and the copy you receive may look different.